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Increase Brand Awareness & Loyalty

Connect with Your Target Audience

Improve Client Retention

Increase Traffic & Conversions on Your Website

Put More Money In Your Pocket???? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, You ARE in the RIGHT PLACE! 

Social Media Marketing Management


Social media marketing focuses on building relationships and communicating with potential customers. Find out how to build your online presence and expand your customer reach. 

Google Ads 


Google Ads 

Client Communication

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Effective Client Communication can make or break a business. It builds and maintains a relationship and contributes to the growth of your business. Puzzle Consulting can help you to make sure your clients know they are on the "top" of your list by being in communication with them. 

Event Marketing and Promotion

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No matter how big or small your event is Puzzle Consulting has a Marketing and Promotions plan for you. 

Event marketing can encompass a variety of task, which will require a lot of work from a lot of people. 

No matter how big or small your event is Puzzle Consulting has a Marketing and Promotions plan for you. 

We use many different avenues to fill your event such as social media, direct target marketing, press releases, etc... 

Knowing what your goals are for the event will help us tailor a plan for you. Please fill out the below form and submit it to receive your FREE CONSULTATION today. 

Training Services

Training Services


Services are provided on a webinar or live in person to your team.


Topics To Include: 

-Social Media Dominance 

-System Training 



Content Writing Service

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Content Writing Service 


- Blogging​

- Webinar Creation 

- Articles 

- Website Content 






Media/Press Kit

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Media Kit 


​Media Kit containing information about your business, product or event. Mainly used at events, for launches, or for gaining new clients as a package of information.

Group Marketing

Group Marketing 


Why Group Marketing??? 

        1. Reach More People
        2. Spend Less Money
​        3. Get More Customers 

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The Social Media Dominance Workbook provides you with a step by step guide to achieving Social Media Dominance.  

Bonuses Are To Include: 

Social Media Review 

             Website Review                      One on One Consultation

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In Courage Under Siege: Duress to Success, which is volume 4 in the series, seven enterprising women felt the inner call to share their story. From the time they were a young child growing up to the knowing of today, each of these entrepreneurs share their transformational story. You will learn who they have become, the vision they hold, and their mission that must be carried out.

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DAILY JOURNAL...Strategies to Wealth Creation, Proven Tips for Financial Freedom and Developing Faith.


In pursuit of a life of financial stability and abundance, growth in faith and freedom to become ourselves as well as from self limiting beliefs each page has been written to reflect these desires to empower other women to thrive. You will be challenged, encouraged, inspired, uplifted, equipped and gently irritated to achieve your dreams and aspirations.